Meet the Maker


We’ve been on a mission since 2014, to create a balanced wardrobe of style & comfort.  I came to a quick realization after having my second child Kylie, that it was hard to find staple pieces that I could use daily, as well as grow with them. I guess you could say it was my aha! moment. I took time during my maternity leave to learn how to sew & that is when LK Clothing was created.

                We strive each and every day to create collections that are unique, comfortable and versatile! It is not just myself behind this brand, but my husband and children as well (Kert, Leon, Kylie & Baby Kert).  They not only influence my design process, but motivate me to keep going. To do better. To strive for more.  Every piece is made to order, in house from sunny California!


We thank you for your continued love and support. Find our social media accounts (below) and say HELLO!


Nicole Berdon